Phaedra ponders the idea of dating again, while Cynthia’s marriage to Peter reaches a point of no return. Housewife House Wars Another unexpected guest pops up. Cynthia is forced to deal with the impact her marriage has had on her daughter and comes face-to-face with Peter. Ghosts of Boyfriends Past Kenya and Matt take their relationship to the next level with a road trip to Matt’s family reunion. Shade Grenade Reeling from the news that her son has run into trouble with the law, Sheree leans on Bob for support. Kenya and Matt’s relationship continues to spiral downward.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: All The Feels

Cynthia is working on a fashion show for her line Cargo, and she invites Sheree and Kairo so Kairo can model for her brand. Sheree once again asks if Kairo will be compensated or even get a free bag. Cynthia is annoyed by this but she remains cool. Porsha is working on a Baby-Nup.

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The Alabama-born beauty moved to New York City over 25 years ago to pursue her dream of modeling. Cynthia’s first booking was the cover of Essence magazine, but that was only the beginning. From walking in Fashion Week runway shows in New York, Paris, and Milan to co-starring in a movie opposite Sandra Bernhardt, she has had an enviable career.

Cynthia is still a successful and in high demand model. With The Bailey Agency School of Fashion dominating many hours of her day, she continues to seek out and inspire Atlanta’s most promising talent. Putting her high-fashion background to good use, Cynthia has a successful eyewear line, Cynthia Bailey Eyewear and recently debuted the coveted collection on QVC. Fifty, free, and fabulous, Cynthia is embracing a new chapter in life and relishing in doing what she wants on her own terms.

From engaging in new business opportunities to navigating the dating scene, Cynthia is juggling more than ever but nothing will stop her from living her best life. After months of overcoming numerous hurdles to conceive, Kandi and Todd are ecstatic to welcome their first child together into the Tucker family, Ace Wells Tucker.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta recap: Now, I know we were blessed with what felt like weeks in Maui, full of lies about drugging rumors, tale of p-y-eating proposals, fully outfitted divorce parties, and one startling and moving story of shutting down a sweaty-necked abuser. And how does Porsha think she should become a mother? By trying get her goofy boyfriend Todd – who is I think is just coming to her house for the first time ever tonight??? Kandi says the Old Lady Gang restaurant is just soooo close to opening and she has the disposable aluminum pans full of food to prove it.

After a big few weeks, she and Todd are mostly on the sidelines tonight, aside from pointing out that they are currently the only official relationship among the Housewives cast, which is May I introduce you to Cynthia Bailey, recently single backpack mogul and mother of Noelle, aspiring model who seems not particularly interested in being a model, but did very sweetly thank her mother for the opportunity to model Cargo backpacks tonight. Cynthia is hosting a fashion show in an artsy abandoned warehouse, which altogether has a pretty cool industrial effect, much as the designer herself does in her sleek all-black outfit and voluminous hair.

Both Noelle and Kairo are modeling in the Cargo show.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta, The (Bravo , with DeShawn Snow, Kim Zolciak)

Episode 1 50 Shades of Cynthia Kenya returns home from vacation with big news. Kandi ‘s business continues to boom. Porsha struggles with letting people back into her life. At Cynthia’s fiftieth birthday party, things heat up when Nene comes face to face with a former friend. A few of the ladies attend Shamea’s bridal shower where Porsha gets called out for being a shady best friend.

Episode 3 Chateau Get Down Porsha loses yet another friend.

The ladies return to Atlanta after a dramatic end to their glamping getaway. Cynthia begins planning her Cargo Fashion Show, presenting momager Shereé with an opportunity for Kairo to participate.

She getting ine if she dating a prison inmate. I didn’t say she’s not as dumb as she used to be, I said she’s not as dumb as she comes off. She says dumb sht for shock value. Allihave2say Her real story line is how she ignored Bryson in favor of her in wedlock son and scarred him for life. Bryson can’t stay out of trouble be it babies, drugs, jail, car accidents or general crimes.

The other storyline is how she took her 2nd son out of school and on the rode to sell t-shirts and ugly memorabilia with her face on it instead of letting him enjoy his high school years to the fullest. The kicker is the fact that each of her sons has the same body build and that ain’t cute. I just wrote the same sentiments in different words. Allihave2say Each week folks tune in to see what cartoon character Nene’s ever changing face will mimic.

Nene is lucky to have a job Blaque Mahogany Girl, I don’t give a f about Kenya or you. I said earlier I don’t even watch this show. I do like Marlo though sad she hasn’t gotten a peach. Just watched the latest episode after missing all the previous ones this season and didn’t miss a thing.

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How does it affect how they live? Nik I really and truly hope that marriage is not a sham. Kenya is no innocent but in light of her backstory with her mother, I want her to win.

During an interview with Wetpaint, she was asked if her son Kairo, 16, has met any of her suitors, but she quickly responded that she would never bring any man around her kids unless their relationship was extremely serious.

TMZ reports that Williams, star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” walked away from her annulment empty-handed, with zero assets and zero alimony. Stewart, meanwhile, retained his two properties, two vehicles, retirement benefits and percent interest in his business ventures, according to legal documents obtained by the site. Stewart, a year-old former Pittsburgh Steelers player nicknamed “Slash,” met Porsha, the granddaughter of civil rights leader and philanthropist Rev.

Hosea Williams, in The two married in Williams later joined the “Real Housewives” cast in the show’s fifth season, and the show often focused on their marital strife. Castmate NeNe Leakes felt their relationship was questionable because of Kordell’s control issues.

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Sheree Whitfield is a single mother of two kids, Kairo and Kaleigh alone. Over the years on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we have seen them argue over child support, throw bottles of water at each other during fits of anger, and eventually go to court over his refusal to pay the said child support. And that hurt me, Bob. Here is some details on their rocky on-and-off relationship: When the first episode aired, the divorce proceedings surrounding their seven-year marriage was coming to an end.

Sheree has faced accusations of marrying Bob for his money, a fact she has always vehemently denied.

Sure, it was because who she was dating and the fact she kept getting photographed with her significant other, but she was A list. Now, she is barely working and is .

Much like cheap street crack, we know nothing good can come from it, but we keep coming back for more each week. We begin with Phaedra being a bad actress while on the phone with her mentor, and Porsha coming over for a visit. Exactly how much makeup do these women go through? This is a desperate storyline. Cynthia is with her and this scripted crap puts me over the edge. One shot down and another one poured. Kenya is doing a couple’s thing and Cynthia feels left out because she is single.

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She seemed so fake. Those tears were faker than shyt. I have seen better crying scenes on Telenovella. MisTeaBlue Maybe if she stops pumping air in her ass…that shit must be traveling to her head! LOl the devil is a liar! MisTeaBlue This could have been a fiyah ass 2 part reunion chock full of goodness, leaving us salivating for season 10!

Hier vind je alle afleveringen van de serie The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Hier staan zowel de uitgezonden afleveringen als de komende aflevering.

Although, I say to my friends, ‘Why are you friends with her? Jill said she invited her and her daughter, Avery Singer , to come along. She emails me the night before and says, ‘Since you said I could bring my daughter, she can’t come, but I want to bring these other two people whose house I’m staying in, and if I can’t bring them, I’m not coming,"” Jill said.

Second of all, I happen to really like the two people you’re staying with, and that was a miss on my part. So yes, you can bring them, but not because you’re subbing them for your daughter. I invited your daughter because I invited your daughter. But when the two ran into each other after that, they were all good, according to Jill, even when the RHONY alum found out that she hadn’t been invited to Ramona’s famous birthday luncheon in November. And I’m good with Ramona. I don’t want to start with Ramona.

I don’t want to fight with Ramona. It’s all fake and phony, and it’s all good. Then the show starts, and I guess people heard that I’m doing a cameo this season. You did not say that.

Who is Sheree Whitfield Dating

Happiness, Etc 9 months ago I am so proud of Sheree. More blessings for her. Danielle Silas 9 months ago He’s not slow and he’s an introvert.

Apr 10,  · Being his playful self, Andy Cohen mentioned to Kairo that Porsha was the youngest member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast and asked if he’s thought about dating her. The answer to that question doesn’t even need to be said, so watch the video.

At one point, not that long ago, the soul singer was probably A list. He is set to come out of the closet after a health scare involving himself and his boyfriend. I mean he has been cheating on her the whole time but he actually dumped her. When she had a miscarriage he came back. He is such a tool. The friend is an actor on that somehow still airing almost network show. He has some very very surprising revelations and things are going to get really good.

Well, more than usual.

RHOA: Is Porsha Williams Actually Going to Anger Management? (Season 9, Episode 21)