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The lies and hypocrisies. Anyhaos hurhurhur , since we’ve been gone, our princess updated us, her fans, by exposing about her break up with Jianhao. Things are also getting a bit more complicated with our source as you can see how Jianhao, Naomi, Ridhwan etc are a bit messy now. Here’s some update though. As per my previous post, I’ll talk about Naomi’s ex. Naomi is someone who doesn’t like to settle down and she has more than a handful of exes.

JianHao Tan. Types Of Grab Passengers. Wah!Banana. Naomi Neo. Morning Routine: Boys vs Girls. Wah!Banana. MY GIRLFRIEND KISSED MY TWIN BROTHER! HIS girlfriend vs your girlfriend girlfriend gf crazy girlfriend girlfriends romance dating boyfriend relationship wahbanana wah banana wah banana garena funny types singaporean humor Asian fish.

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Naomi Neo is engaged and here are all the details

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JianHao Tan Reviews by Locals – As he would put it, JianHao Tan is a “Singaporean Youtube Sensation” who have been posting videos online on Youtube. He is gaining popularity quickly amongst the younger generations with his witty video concepts and charismatic humour. He often does collaborations with other local Youtubers such as RyanSlyvia productions, WahBanana and Naomi Neo.

So there has been crazy speculation that JianHao and I ended things and I decided to clear the air today cos I think you guys deserve to know what exactly is going on. I know we’ve never publicly announced this, but we were actually together for more than 1 and a half years and I’m aware it isn’t a remarkable duration but it was my longest and probably one of the most serious relationships I ever had; which meant a lot to me and will always be kept close to my heart.

The reason why we’ve never talked about it openly was because we had a mutual agreement that it’s better to keep things on a low key to prevent any unnecessary drama but it’s funny cos you guys still managed to find out anyways But then again I think it was pretty obvious too lol. As most of you are aware, we were already friends for about 2 years before we got together and I must say that my previous relationship before him really shattered me and even when I was dating JH, it was hard for me to get over the last guy.

He pressed on despite my insecurities, my past and my uncertainty.

JianHao and Ridhwan Open Up about their Drama

November 5, , 9: Rife with restaurants, shops, and cafes, it’s a hangout ‘hood for the city’s youth, whose style is confined to uniforms from elementary school through to high school graduation. And, perhaps to rebel from such strict sameness, they spend their weekends seeing how far they can push the limits. One of the oldest and most pervasive Harajuku style groups is Decora, characterized by a pursuit of kawaii, or “cuteness,” which is expressed in massive piles of hair clips, face bandaids, creative layering, and a mishmash of colors and textures.

Don’t let “cute” confuse you:

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Associados brindam 73 anos da AJURIS

In the post, she told everyone how shocked and at a loss of words she was. She also said she is unable to deal with the situation. Two days after, she posted this photo showing her and her husband-to-be kissing in Seoul. To see how her boyfriend proposed to her, take a look at the video below. According to the video, they asked a girl to record the proposal, and Naomi was extremely surprised and was crying.

Naomi had to take off her glove to put on the ring.

I tried wearing NORMAL clothes 8 months PREGNANT! watch fashion videos in high quality, top fashion today, fashion list at –

But these are mainstream media couples—in the new media world, whereby YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are the main sources of news, there is was another popular celebrity couple, Jianhao Tan and Naomi Neo, both popular YouTubers that have captured the hearts of many. Fans of Jianhao usually hashtag haonation, and fans of the couple would hashtag NaoHao. However, recently, rumours of their breakup surface when they no longer seem to collaborate on new videos, and fans have been speculating on whether that is true.

Finally, last Sunday, Naomi broke the silence via her blog and now, we all know what happened. So basically, Naomi and Jianhao have been together for about one and a half years. To Naomi, it is her longest relationship and one that she treats the most serious. Jianhao had spent six months to woo her, and in the process, got rejected three times. Initially, they were pretty loving to each other but as time went by, the honeymoon period ended and most of the time, they were often talking about work.

As they were seeing each other every day, they could no longer find new topic to talk about, and therefore were only talking about work. During this period, when the relationship was pretty rocky, Naomi saw someone else for a while as Jianhao was too busy at work.


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Stubbed on December Channels.

TSYJxx I’m lately interested both in jianhao and Naomi that’s tysm I’ll make sure to read that 😊 Kiara 11 месяцев назад +1 Kim Jo Taehyun Google “Naomi Neo and Jian how break up.

Cat Inspired Makeup and Hairdo for Halloween. Monday, October 13, 8: Honestly speaking, I’ve never experienced dressing up for Halloween in my entire life and I guess this year isn’t an exception, but in spirit of occasion, I decided to share with you guys my all time favourite cat-inspired makeup and hairdo – Suitable for both, short and long hair. First, wash and condition your hair – Not only is it important to keep you hair fresh and tamed, but you’d want your tresses to smell good!

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