History[ edit ] Throughout the ancient world, the ‘throat-and-girth’ harness was used for harnessing horses that pulled carts ; this greatly limited a horse’s ability to exert itself as it was constantly choked at the neck. Two main alternative arrangements with some intermediate types: A horse collar or full collar. A padded loop fitting closely around the horse’s neck, pointed at the top to fit the crest of the neck. Used for heavier pulling, especially when used without a swingletree or whippletree. A padded strap running around the chest from side to side. Used for light work, or for somewhat heavier work it is used together with a swingletree evenly on each step without rubbing.

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That model was the absolute lightest saddle they made at only 2 pounds. It’s a very difficult product to get your hands on today. I have a neoprene version of that saddle, and weighs about 7 pounds with all the gear to hang onto the tree and the platform. They also made a leather version called the road trip, and that one was pretty light as well. Apparently the leather saddle was the most comfortable, I think it weighed three or 4 pounds if I remember correctly.

There is another manufacturer of saddle sling type stand that has also gone by the roadside: It is quite comfortable in comparison to do the tree saddle. They weighed a tiny bit more then the neopreen version of the tree saddle. I personally know another hunter who has hunted in both, and he always preferred his tree suit. Another poster mentioned the aero hunter, made by New tribe. And weighs about 5 pounds. It looks like a very good product, and I will probably be picking one up eventually.

I have one, and I personally love this stand.

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Hitching Post Posted by Will Beattie at What size hitching post is best, height and length to hitch a team. Also any design ideas or material for construction? Response by Jerry Hicks at But seems there is always something else to do. I have a brand new set of pipe running boards for a dodge crew cab pick up that I planned to bolt on to a pair of locost posts for mine.

Oct 19,  · THis way once I get there all I have to do is climb the tree, put my strap around the tree, tie a knot then hook it to my saddle and Im ready to go. As long as you can tie a knot it the dark and clip a carabiner to your waist line in the dark you are good to go.

The Tip Cart by William Castle of Yorkshire, England This most excellent article on the operation of the English tip-cart features some terminology which may be challenging to a few of us North Americans but I am confident that a careful reading will answer questions. We are grateful to Mr. Castle, who is a subscriber to SFJ, and once again reminded of how vast and vital our readership is.

LRM When horses were the main source of power on every farm, in the British Isles it was the tip-cart, rather than the wagon which was the most common vehicle, and for anyone farming with horses, it is still an extremely useful and versatile piece of equipment. The farm cart was used all over the country, indeed in some places, in hilly areas and in the north, wagons were scarcely used at all, and many small farms in other areas only used carts.

On practical grounds, it was simple in construction and therefore cheap, it can tip its load on to the ground, saving time in handling and it is very maneuverable in narrow lanes and farm yards.

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Trophyline’s tree saddle rope included with sterling rope’s tritech rope system. Trophy line tree saddle in this video shows. And after they are more expensive .

EllanorFredericks Astrid is a proud warrior, the best of her generation. However, one night a raid goes terribly wrong, and she becomes the greatest prize that a Viking can hope to kill. Starving and alone, her only hope is Hiccup, the chief’s odd son who, for some reason, cannot kill a dragon Now with Part II! These days, he would be working in the forge or the tannery, making improvements to the tail that he had so kindly given Astrid.

The tweaks and repairs were important, but they paled in comparison to his latest project. It had taken him a while to gather all the necessary material to make what he was planning.

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March 18, edited I really don’t think your horse is completely comfortable in the trailer quite yet. When she’s not tied in there she still has some ability to move and it’s more like being in a stall to her. This is something she is used to.

Oct 22,  · It is similar to the trophyline tree saddle, in how it works in the tree, but it’s a hard seat instead of their method. I used a boat ratchet strap from Gander Mountain, because it’s .

Hanging Mainline Wire trevorhallam , Looking for advice on the pitch to hang it on and how to do so maple flats , Steeper starts to give turbulence issues. Many times however you end up needing to follow the slope you were dealt. Most often you can get in the best range with some planning. To get the ideal if dealt steeper ground, just follow the contour and rise at the ideal slope. The hardest seems to be getting slope that will work on flat ground.

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Aug 18,  · I’m glad I kept it, it does have a great rope hook-up attachment and plent of webbing to make a seat like yours! I’ll save this thread and make one later this fall. Thanks again for the information on this tree seat and the camera Monopod!

JP Van Swae Next to your boat, paddle and safety gear, a good car rack is the most critical item in a paddler’s gear inventory. Don’t skimp here because no matter what you hear about raging rapids and sudden squalls, the most dangerous part of paddling is getting to the put-in. You can’t do anything about those other idiots on the road, but you can make sure your boat stays safe and secure on your roof rack. Brands like Thule, Yakima, Malone and Inno offer basic rack bars and components compatible with almost any vehicle.

The folks at your local paddling shop can help you choose the right rack and necessary installation components. Nylon cam straps are easy to use and don’t slip or stretch. Avoid the hook-and-ratchet straps sold at auto-parts stores.


Support object 12 may be, but is not limited to, a tree, a building, a rope, a rock face, a telephone pole, a power pole, or other such device. Harness 10 includes a seat 14 for supporting a person and a hanging strap 16 for coupling the seat 14 to a support object Seat 14 may be composed of numerous materials, such as, but not limited to, leather, nylon, CORDURA, neoprene, any combination of these materials, and other natural and synthetic fabrics and materials. Any of these materials, or other appropriate materials, may be formed into a mesh to reduce heat build up by a user.

Seat 14 may be formed from a material that is substantially silent when contact such that relatively little, if not no, noise is produced when the fabric is contacted. Seat 14 is configured to fit loosely around the buttocks and hips of a person and to conform to the shape of a person.

Sep 28,  · Trophyline Tree Saddle; Tieing the Knot BoudreauxBoswell. Up next Trophyline Tree Saddle Rope Hookup – Duration:

There is a bizarre logic many exhibit when it comes to horses. On the one hand we moan at the weight of our saddles as we hoist them to painful heights. We dread the arrival of the hay trailer. As it lumbers down the driveway to its winter resting place it feels like a funeral procession for the living. But, the power of the horse is something we horse lovers hold in awe. Their massive muscles flexing as they run and jump gets us excited and wanting to ride. Then we lose our minds.

Continue Reading This fascinates me for many reasons, not the least of which are these: Loki is by far the largest and strongest horse in our herd of six. His hooves, resting at the ends of his tree trunk legs, are double the size of the others. His buns are like those of a mammoth. Funny thing is, Loki is at the bottom of the herd hierarchy.

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Composite lifting beam Patent number: A composite lifting beam and methods are provided. Such a lifting beam includes at least one beam element.

Aug 29,  · The Trophyline Tree Saddle is essentially a suspended sling seat built into a fall protection harness. The unit incorporates a lineman’s belt for safer climbing and a second independent webbing strap that acts as an adjustable anchor once wrapped around the tree.

Stuart, Quarter horse, 15 hands Princess, Peruvian, So how can the traditional saddling industry, tree and saddle makers possibly cover all these variations? Truth is, they can’t. That is like saying that you must only select a pair of pants to wear from only 4 sizes. So are you so sure that your horse will fit into that one tree size? Now that we have established the fundamental variation in horse backs, we still have the problem of how the shape of a horse changes with movement.

And, finally, the same horse is continuously changing over the course of its life! As the result of growth, aging, training, conditioning, feeding, etc. A very costly matter indeed. From medicine, we know that pressure of more than grams per square centimeter [24 oz. Let’s take a look for example at an English saddle: Now, we put another 75 kg [ lb.

This gives us a load of grams per square centimeter [39 oz. Let’s repeat this sample calculation with a western saddle.

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I purchased a saddle from a friend that only used it a couple of times. I wasn’t sure exactly how they worked so I did some surfing around on Youtube an got a couple of different ideas from different users. First, I cut the elastic suspender straps off and replaced them with a set of tool belt suspenders from Menards. I added a hook designed to clip on your belt and clipped in on the back of the new suspenders.

The hook was a couple bucks and purchased with the new suspenders. I put duct tape on the hook to deaden the metal to metal noise.

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