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And, of course, the best way to diagnose a problem with something is to understand how that something works. Then every problem with it is easy to diagnose. Gas valves are actually very simple to understand.

Water heater manufacturers assign a serial number to each water heater to track the warranty length and age of the hot water tank. Click the safe link below to decode your serial number.

An energy-efficient, highly reliable hot water heater 1-degree temperature increments for maximum control Affordable price tag, yet durable and well-built appliance Pros Cons High energy efficiency, heats water on demand, lifetime parts warranty, compact heater, ideal for smaller families, durable components, easy to mount, excels in cold climates, gallons per minute output, and the temparature is very easy to control.

Flow rate is not quite seamless and not suited for larger families. Show details Details Hot Water Output: This tankless water heater has the ability to heat up between 3 and 6 gallons per minute—cold weather reduces the water output. If the weather is very cold below 32 F , the hot water output can be a bit unreliable, and the temperature may be a little inconsistent. However, for the average home, it’s more than sufficient to heat up water for two showers at once.

See the Takagi for that. If you have a family of 4 or fewer, this water heater can generate enough output to deliver all the hot water you need. Reliability is one of this heater’s main selling points.


The water heater is, obviously, to be replaced. Hot water is consumed by 1 shower, 1 bathroom faucet, 1 compact washer, 1 dishwasher and 1 kitchen faucet. I see the following options: Single water heater with tank. Replace for the almost same model, but new.

NEVER BUY A RHEEM HOT WATER HEATER. We bought a 40 gallon Rheem hot water heater from Home Depot. After 2 weeks we awoke with the house full /5(48).

Should you buy a tankless water heater? Tank heaters heat up water and wait to serve it up the next time you have a shower or run the dishwasher. Tankless water heaters, also called an on-demand systems, only heat up the water when we need it. Part of the reason is the cost. Tankless systems are more than double the price of standard units and, in some cases, the logistics around installation adds even more to the cost, he says.

And some people argue that while tankless systems are more energy efficient, the payback may not justify all the costs in some cases. Or they can sign up again for another term, also at a price to be set then.

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Should I replace my hot water system? How do I know when the hot water needs to be replaced? Simply answer these questions and you shall know if a hot water replacement or repair is just what you need. How old is your water heater?

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About Advanced features ScreenLok Technology, as part of the Defender Safety System, utilizes the flame arrestor, made of durable stainless steel, to prevent the ignition of the flammable vapors outside the combustion chamber. Water heaters with this feature provide better efficiency while generating very low NOx emissions. Thermal switch is installed to deactivate the burner and pilot light if there is no sufficient air flow due to lint dust or oil accumulated on the arrestor plate.

For the eco-conscious homeowners, Bradford White water heaters that are equipped with the Eco-Defender Safety System, advanced radiant gas burner and advanced control system are good choice as they operate with the ultra low NOx gas emission. The ICON system is part of the gas control system that provides more savings and better comfort. It includes the microprocessor for an accurate operation control and monitoring, LED light for diagnostics and pilot status, and thermopile for electricity independent operation.

Hydrojet Total Performance System is the system used to reduce the sediment build-up inside the water tank. This feature actually represents the dip tube through which cold water enters the tank, and is designed with jet ports to create the turbulent water flow, therefore preventing or reducing the accumulation of the mineral deposits. This way, the thermal efficiency and performance of the heater are increased, energy waste and stress reduced, so as the service and maintenance work, resulting in longer life of the tank.

For water heaters that are designed for high input applications, Hydrojet2 is used, and it has very similar characteristics as the above Hydrojet feature.

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Trane offers heat pumps in efficiency ranges from 13 SEER 7. They also offer a communications ability in one of their top of the line heat pumps. The communications feature allows the user to call the heat pump communication module and adjust settings remotely. For best performance of any brand it is recommended to get a matching system.

Different models have different features. Two-Stage cooling and Three-Stage heating for selected models.

You can determine how old your residential water heater is by looking at and decoding data on the water heater’s label. First, locate the manufacturers label with the serial number on the side of your unit.

Should you require a supply and new installation of a Dux continuous flow hot water heater in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane or Canberra contact Mr Emergency Plumbing on for a free, no obligation, quote. We also have plumbers who work on public holidays meaning that you can rely on Mr Emergency Plumbing for any gas or plumbing disaster days of the year, 24 hours a day. Dux is a proud Australian company which has proven reliability, efficiency and longevity in the water heater industry with a history dating back to A Dux continuous flow hot water heater will heat water only as and when you use it, whereas tank-type systems have hot water sitting in the tank ready for use.

This stagnant storage of hot water which is often prone to the elements when the tank is located outside requires constant re-heating, resulting in more use of energy, and that means a larger energy bill! The need for re-heating is eliminated with a continuous flow unit. The energy efficiency of a Dux continuous flow hot water heater is reflected in their Star energy ratings, with a minimum 5 Stars and an amazing maximum 6.

A Dux continuous flow hot water heater has various size models, each which deliver a different amount of hot water per minute.

Decoding older Rheem furnace Serial #

Home Depot should secure another vendor for home delivery of appliances. Received call at a. I suggested they go to U-Haul and rent a truck and live up to the committment. There was no Act of God involved, like a blizzard, or flood! Eleven days is a long time to go without laundry!

Complaint / review text: About a year a go we had a water heater installed by Action water heaters. We had just returned from vacation and, with small children, needed to do laundry etc. I was at work when it broke which left my wife to deal with it.

Purchase water valve rebuild kit and replace O-ring part Follow instructions described in the kit. PH F, PH6D water heater is working, but a small amount of water is leaking from weep hole left of the diaphragm housing. I hear cracking noise from top of heat exchanger after heater is turned off. Scale particles are visible in outlet filter screen. Observe pilot light with front cover removed. Any yellow indicates a plugged pilot air filter.

A yellow flame is weak, tentative, lazily drifting, without continuous bearing on thermocouple tip. Take a deep breath and blow out the obstructed pilot air filter or use compressed air.


Profits of sales of our toilet tank lids go to charity Questions about toilet tank lids? Check out our FAQ page for answers Didn’t find the tank lid you need? Not sure exactly what you need? Don’t give up – we can help! Dimensions listed are approximate outside dimensions of the lid not the tank size that receives the lid.

ENERGY STAR® is the simple choice for energy efficiency. For more than 20 years, EPA’s ENERGY STAR program has been America’s resource for saving energy and protecting the environment.

The top thermostat controls both the upper element and the lower thermostat. The two elements do not operate at the same time. Water heaters are filled from the bottom. A fill tube goes from the intake at the top of the tank to the bottom of the tank, so that cold water enters at the bottom, leaving hot water at the top, where it exits the tank at the outlet as needed.

The upper element is the primary element. It operates first to heat water at the top of the tank and make it available for use. Starting with a tank of cold water, the primary thermostat at the top turns on the upper element and keeps it on until the water temperature reaches the setting on the thermostat. The primary thermostat turns off the upper element and sends power to the lower, secondary thermostat which turns on the lower element.

The lower element heats the water at the bottom of the tank until it reaches the control setting temperature. All the water in the tank is now hot and both elements are off. Water is used from the top of the tank, which brings cold water into the bottom of the tank and pushes hot water at the bottom towards the top.

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